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Mary Jane

Music is what makes me whole, it’s all I’ve ever known, it’s been my coping mechanism when I’m down and the thing I turn to when nothing else makes sense; singing has always been an outlet for me and huge passion since I was little.

A world without music is a world I wouldn’t want to live in!


A year ago I took the next step and teamed up with Opaz multimedia; I’m lucky enough to be making an album, which I’ve named “Diverse” as each song will be of a different genre, from rock, r&b, house and many more, I want my audience to connect with all the music but ensure there’s a song in there for everyone.


I make time for every kind of music, it’s all ART and I listen to everything to discover what it expresses about the artist.  That’s what matters, the meaning and soul behind lyrics and songs, that’s what truly means something to me.

Great news, I’m gonna be featuring at the upcoming 106.6 Colne Radio monthly residency at Coda in Colchester.

The events start in July and I’ll be hosting the acoustic sets, I’ll drop the dates as soon as they are in 🙂

YES!!!…I’m gonna be opening the show this year, performing four songs make sure to get there early…more info soon x

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